Cornelia Murr: the Indie Singer You Need to Know

Cornelia Murr isn’t just another indie singer. Murr has collaborated with Jim James of My Morning Jacket, as well as singer/actress Lola Kirke, the sister of HBO’s “Girls” actress Jemima Kirke. Not just a celebrity collaborateur, Murr has the vocals and visual acumen to really back up what she’s selling.

And what, exactly, is Murr selling? Think less commercial, and more ideologically.

“I think nature is perfect, and human beings will never make anything perfect,” Cornelia tells COOLS. “If you can just attempt to inch closer to any level of harmony that exists all around us, then, then you’re doing something good.”

Her new album Lake Tear of the Clouds debuted in July. The album features a bounty of melodies that blend hazy folk tunes with cosmic soul music. In her bio, Murr likens her sound to Stereolab and Beach House, a spot on assessment, indeed.

Head to Aquarium Drunkard to hear more of Cornelia Murr’s music, and check out the video above to learn more about the breakout indie artist.

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