Wrap Yourself In This Season’s Best Crossbody Bags

Forget diamonds: bags are a girl’s best friend. There’s nothing more thrilling than having your hands on the season’s latest and greatest bag, no matter how hefty (or light) the price tag may be. And since we’re talking about the season’s best styles, you must have heard by now that the vote is in: crossbody purses are the bag to have.


‘Tis The Season For Cute, Small Crossbody Purses


Warp Yourself Around This Season's Best Crossbody Bags 1



With heavy coats and layers upon layers coming into play, it’s time to lighten the load of our hefty bags. Totes will always have a near and dear place in my heart, but as the weather gets colder, the last thing I want to do is hop onto a crowded B train with a “large and in charge” bag by my side. I need a lightweight, hands-free option to store my essentials in, combining both practicality and style to take on the day.


Enter: the small crossbody purse.


Smaller than your average tote, but definitely roomier than a clutch, crossbody bags are the perfect pick for the colder months ahead. They’re like your best friend: always by your side, reliable, and never bringing you down with unnecessary baggage.


Crossbodies have been around for decades, so why are they such a hit this season? Because their styles have been completely revamped. Sure, Chanel’s Caviar Quilted purse and Yves Saint Laurent’s monogram-donning Kate crossbody bag are both icons that will never fade out of fashion, but with the rise of modern contemporary styles à la Off-White and Proenza Schouler, our purses are seeing a heavy drift from the mature, glamorous fashion and steering towards minimal, with many styles teetering on athleisure territory.


Also, these bags help you maintain control and organization. Okay, that may be a stretch to some people, but hear me out: yes, you can carry your laptop across NYC in a tote, but think about all the other random crap that sits in your over-sized pocketbooks. If it’s anything like mine, it’s probably cluttered with empty lip balm tubes, expired coupons, and receipts from items you never realized you even bought.


While there are larger crossbody bags available, I’m a firm believer in the “small and mighty” stance of the tinier crossbody styles. Unless you’re toting around a MacBook or a 500-page book, you’re not going to need a big, bulky bag. Give yourself — and your shoulders — a break by going for the lighter carry-around style.


In need of some style guidance? I’ve got your back: these cute, small crossbody purses are the top trending styles of the season. They’re tiny enough to effortlessly sport around all day long, but still spacious for all of your essentials — and a little more. So, don’t stick to your clunkier, more aggressive styles. Instead, switch up your look for the cold weather by going light with the chicest trend of the season: the small crossbody purse.


The bigger, the better? We think not. Strap on fall’s best small crossbody bags instead — we know you’re going to like what you see.


Black Out



Woman Textured-leather And Suede Shoulder Bag Black Size -

$375 $187


If you’re in search of a classic black crossbody, then look no further than this number from Halston Heritage. It’s a subtle piece to add to your closet, but still stays sleek and elegant. the black leather shell of this crossbody is complimented by the gunmetal hue of the metal hardware and chain, creating en effortlessly cool style. This bag is the embodiment of universal, as it can go with any outfit you please. Underplay it by pairing it with your favorite cozy sweater and leggings, or give it a sultry vibe by wrapping it over a bodycon dress and leather jacket.


Be A Square



Woman Textured-leather Shoulder Bag Gray Size -

$1,251 $600


Sometimes, it’s okay to be a square — just take a look at this Rick Owens crossbody. This straightedge purse is perfect for keeping your items in place, while looking posh doing so. The magic is in the textured effect of the grey-toned leather, which gives this bag a slightly worn-in, vintage vibe. The front closure stays hidden under the large front flap, only to reveal a simple silver hardware that adds a touch of style to this simplistic choice. It’s another great versatile crossbody pick to pair with any fall outfit of your choosing.


Color Coded



Trunk Medium Color-block Velvet And Leather Shoulder Bag - Blue



Looking for something with a little more spunk to it? Then grab this Marni bag. No one could ever deny the enticing mixture of navy blue, burgundy, and plum that this eccentric purse embodies, which is why we all agree that this is one of the coolest bags of the season. And not only is it stylish, but it’s also practical: it opens up to reveal an accordion-like array of pockets to store your spare change, phone, and other carry-on items you may have. This bag may seem like it’s pure velvet at first, but when you take a closer peek, you can see that its crafted from a luxurious leather material.





Woman Hava Nubuck Shoulder Bag Purple Size -

$1,250 $625


Ultraviolet was voted by Pantone as the color of the year, so of course we’re ready to rock it all year long.How can you tie it into your fall fashion, you may ask. By grabbing this Proenza Schouler piece, of course. Think nubuck leather crossbody has a modern, contemporary fashion to it through the saturated purple hue, but otherwise stays classic in crossbody design. It’s a great choice for those of you who are beginning to experiment with your style,but don’t feel comfortable enough to go overboard with the more ecstatic purse styles on the market.


Your Favorite Sweater



Woven Cotton Shoulder Bag - Off-white



Knitwear is undeniably a fall trend that’s only going to keep coming back every year. And while many of us stick to knit sweaters and socks, I’m ready to take my love affair with the chunky pattern to the next level with this knit bag. It’s a cozy woven-cotton piece that’s as comfy to wear as you’d expect. The cream color is reminiscent of our warmest fuzzy blankets, giving us a warm and laid-back vibe even in the dead of a Nor’easter. This casual bag is perfect for casual day wear, making it the perfect addition to your knitwear outfits.


A New Nude



Phoebe Color-block Leather Shoulder Bag - White



This Danse Lente crossbody purse stays on trend with the nude aesthetic. This monochromatic bag is color blocked with tones that stay within the nude range, making it a trendy option for you fashion enthusiasts.


The G.O.A.T.



Drew mini shoulder bag - Red



This may be a biased statement, but Chloé ireigns supreme in the crossbody bag department. I think everyone should have this particular purse because it’s truly iconic: The leather foldover flap is perfectly juxtaposed against the suede body. It’s given a luxurious, elegant touch through the gold-toned hardware, and the regal red hue is fitting for the fall season. This bag may seem tiny, but the rounded body allows you to fit whatever you please, whenever you need to.

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