Denim Panties Are The Final Frontier Of Jeans

I know, the wild takes on denim of late have completely worn you out. It seems like every other day there’s an impractical and/or insane take on jeans — from the three-legged to the leg-less — but this one takes the cake. In fact, if we never publish another story about jeans and their increasingly risqué descendants, we can all sleep soundly knowing this was the last.


From the brand that brought you thigh-high UGGs and the impressively adaptable jean-short-short-jean, comes the latest innovation in denim: the jean panty. Most importantly, the product is arriving just in time for festival season where, of course, all sense goes out the window in favor of making a statement-making look.


Denim Panties Are the Final Frontier of Jeans


The denim panties retail for a cool $315, which is a steal when you think about the fact that these La Perla briefs (which couldn’t even masquerade as shorts if they tried) cost $274. That means you’re getting a real bang f0r your buck. But just in case you are having second thoughts about dropping a day or so’s pay on these, here are all the other things you could buy.


1. One one-hour session with a really good therapist

2. A heavy duty air conditioner (summer is coming)

3. Three quarters of a Jacquemus Chiquito bag

4. Nine Fenty foundations

5. Four personalized Jesse Metcalfe (of Desperate Housewives and John Tucker Must Die) videos


Choose wisely.


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