Would You Wear These Three-Legged Jeans?

In the past year, we’ve had detachable half-jeans, half-shortsthigh-less, calf-less pants, and even chaps intended for everyday wear. There seems to be no limit in the trouser’s evolution, and with each passing day, its recreation grows increasingly dramatic. Enter the latest installment: the three-legged jean.


Just in from Topshop, these Jaded London wide-legged pants replace much of the traditional denim with heart-embellished mesh panels. It’s a novel concept, but the effect is something the designer likely didn’t anticipate. Not only might the initial shorts-appearance confuse consumers, but it also appears as if the two inner-leg denim strips is one leg, while the sheer elements are another two.


Would You Wear These Three-Legged Jeans?


The backlash was swift. “Go home Topshop, you’re drunk,” wrote one Twitter user. Another claimed she was unsure whether or not she was having “an aneurism” upon discovering the pants. So if you’re looking to turn up at the function in a full optical illusion, these are your best bet…except, the pants have already been removed from their mother site.


What will come next? Only time can tell.

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