4 Fashion Editors, Designers, And Influencers On What They Wear To Work Out

Dedicated to the art of movement, this month is all about the journey to body awareness, and what it really means to devote energy to wellness, exercise, and self-love in 2019.


In the last ten years, fitness has become more fashionable than ever before. This industry loves a good athleisure moment and, in general, fashion people just love to “be well,” (and talk about it non-stop). But the thing is, while fitness may be trendy for us, it still means something different to everyone.


In honor of COOLS’ Movement month, we asked four fashion people how they *fit* fitness into their lives, what that even means to them, and of course, what’s their favorite thing to wear.


Jessica Andrews, Deputy Fashion Director, Refinery29 


On what movement means: 

“I work out every day, either doing a HIIT workout on the treadmill in my gym or going to a pilates class. I started for purely vanity reasons, but it’s been amazing for my mental health, specifically anxiety. My favorite thing to do is to run to gospel musicmy spirit is so lifted after I’m done!”


On her go-to look: 

“I love a good matching set! My faves are the Free People Econyl set (environmentally-friendly!) and my hot pink Girlfriend Collective set!”


Girlfriend Collective

Black Topanga Bra


Girlfriend Collective

Black Compressive High-Rise Legging



Leah Faye Cooper, Editorial Director, The Coveteur


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On what movement means: 

I live in New York City, so I do a lot of walking, which I enjoy. My apartment is a 20-minute walk from my office, and I walk to and from work most days. I aim to workout five days a week and do a mix of running (both outside and on the treadmill) yoga, and HIIT classes.” 


On her go-to look: 

“My go-to workout outfit is full-length leggings, a supportive sports bra, and either a workout tank or a ribbed Hanes undershirt. I tend to gravitate towards solid colors—mostly black, white, and blue—and the same goes for sneakers; I’m currently running in a black pair.”



Women’s Mini-Ribbed Cotton Tank



Racerback Sports Bra




Stacy Igel, Fashion Designer and Founder, BoyMeetsGirl



On what movement means: 

“I walk everywhere in New York City. Each step keeps me creative and gives me seconds to breathe. I am always inspired when I move quickly, whether it be in the subway and I stop to hear the musicians play or snap someone’s street style. I also love dance and karaoke, and whenever I get a moment to do those things I feel alive. Most recently, I picked up the guitar again (last time I played was in 1999). I try to go every Sunday with my Son Dylan (he is 4 ¾ now) and there I am away from ‘reality’ and in those moments enjoying the craft and the art with my son without any distractions.”


On her go-to look: 

“I run and do Physique57 and sometimes yoga when time allows. Lately, it has been Lululemon pantonlones and sports bra mixed with a BOY MEETS GIRL® tank or tee and sweatshirt.”






BOY MEETS GIRL® x miss sara mora: #ForTheCulture Unisex T-Shirt No reviews

$ $30.00


Jaspre Guest, CEO and Owner, Happy Noise PR



On what movement means: 

“I try to be mentally and physically fluid as much as possible. Whether it is pilates or running for my body and mediation for my spiritual body, keeping my energy flowing helps me be more present and creative at work.”

On her go-to look: 
“I love the Nike Flyknit bra and I just got this amazing pair of Nike tie-dye leggings [which I wear] with a loose fitting Nike tank top. If someone wants to get me the Swarovski x Nike Air VaporMax 2, I could add them into the rotation as well.”



Nike FE/NOM Flyknit Women’s High Support Sports Bra



Nike One Women’s Training Tights


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