Could This Be the First Look at Rihanna’s New Lingerie Line?

Rihanna posted a very ??? Instagram post last night, that many people are rapidly speculating was a cryptic teaser for her lingerie line.

didn’t they tell u?

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The post of two television screens on red carpet shows the bottom TV screen with static and the top screen with what could be Rihanna’s chest, bra and necklace. (TBH it could be almost anyone’s, but we’re going to assume it’s her for obvious reasons.) The caption is equally mysterious: “didn’t they tell u?” it says.

In March, WWD reported that the singer had signed a deal with TechStyle Fashion Group, the company of choice for celebs looking to start fashion lines, to create a lingerie line. The singer’s Instagram post could be a teaser for the new collection, and boy, are we hyped. Fans took to Twitter to express their excitement, implore Rihanna to stop selling things because they’re going broke, and to ask for new music.

In further exciting but mysterious news, a new Instagram account has popped up, @savagexfenty, that appears to be Rihanna’s not-so-secret secret account. There’s only one post, the post from her own Instagram of the TV screens, but the blue check mark indicates that it’s hers. The remaining question is, could “Savage” be the new name of her line?!

If there’s one thing to make us feel better about the money we’ll drop on this new collection, at least we know pretty well that we’ll be able to wear some of these pieces as more than lingerie. As she said in a 2014 Vogue interview, “If I’m wearing a top, I don’t wear a bra. If I’m wearing a bra, I just wear a bra.”

It seems like every week, there’s SOMETHING new to fawn over from our gal Rihanna — I’m still recovering from her Coachella bracelet flask from earlier this week. As we wait for more lingerie line news, let’s revisit this truly scintillating Fenty Body Lava commercial…


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