We Should’ve Seen The Heeled Flip Flop Coming

Here’s the honest-to-Gaga truth: it has been eight months since I succumbed to the allure of the heeled thong, heeled flip flop, heeled jandal. I was heading to the Southern Hemisphere for summer, and in celebration purchased a pair of vintage platform wedges. They were furry, square-toed and leopard print, but most importantly, they have a strap that weaves its way between my toes before coming to a stop on the inner and outer perimeters of my feet. And they were, and are, terrible. 


Who came up with this idea? The entire point of a flip flop is comfort—to take you from A to B, otherwise known as your Air Bnb to the Beach. Should it be converted for regular, or even, occasion-wear? Probably not, but with our fervent embrace of Y2k reaching fever pitch—it was only a matter of time. But imagine this: when your heel is raised and the sole pressure-point keeping your feet in your shoes is the small space between your big and second toe, it makes for a rather uncomfortable experience. Perhaps also relevant is that the aforementioned pressure pulled the strap from my furry, leopard-print, square-toed platform heeled flip flop on the first wear. 

I didn’t stop there. Despite the regrettable first-time experience, I forayed again. This time it was more recent, and simpler pair—black, and vintage Tommy Hilfiger. I was a repeat offender, and so was the heeled flip flop, ruining my feet with twice the vigor by the end of the day. And despite my woes, I will continue to wear both, because, well, alongside shell necklaces and chainmail, heeled thongs might just be the most inescapable trend of the season. We predicted it in the spring, and by mid-summer, it’s taken full flight. 


Like many indomitable fashion updates, the Return Of The Heeled Flip Flop can be credited to Ultimate Influencer Kim Kardashian. The pixels barely even form on the Internet-uploaded paparazzi pictures of Kardashian before she ushers a new must-have item into existence, and you can bet she’s rocking the heeled flip flop with a vengeance. This week, when all the attention was turned to Kanye West and his inexplicable (and wearable) love for Laura Dern, Kardashian stepped out in the season’s favorite shoe. 



And if the reality star’s footwear of choice seems familiar it’s because it is, the Kardashians are nothing if not supportive (or promotional) of each member’s various ventures, and that evidently even extends to Yeezy hlip-flops.

It isn’t the first time a Kardashian has repped the style, and the brand, in fact, sells more than one pair (but none that go for less than several weeks’ rent). 


PVC Wedge Thong Sandal



Reflective Neoprene Sandals


And Yeezy aren’t the only ones. There’s an array of hlip-flops on offer if you, like me, decided to dive feet first into the trend. But if you want to experience the best of both worlds, you’ve found them. 


Rio leather sandals



Good luck out there.




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