Some Thoughts On The Ikea Bucket Hat’s Sky-Rocketing Resell Price

You’re likely no stranger to the effect a limited item, going for relatively cheap, can have on those identified as “hypebeasts.” You can bet Supreme does. Gosh darn, even Justin Bieber has learnt it


Swedish furniture giant IKEA absolutely knows, too. Ever since their “collaboration” with Virgil Abloh (see what I did there?), their streetwear value has raised tenfold—which means it was only a matter of time before they released a bucket hat, the wardrobe staple of any man with over a thousand followers and a penchant for baggy pants. Which they did, in fact, six years ago. 


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As it happens, the bucket hat sold out upon hitting US stores, because of course it did. And while the must-have accessory was retailing for $3.99, and is now/still reselling on sites like Depop and Poshmark for, well, over five times that. 


Some Thoughts On The Ikea Bucket Hat's Sky-Rocketing Resell Price


Begging the question, how much would you pay for an IKEA bucket hat? One that you could easily self-fashion from the $1 dollar hold-all that is available upon any purchase? Our editors gave it some thought. 


Alyssa Hardy (fashion editor): $0


Callia Hargrove (social media director): $10


Alix Gutierrez (assistant art director): $10


Jess Teves (editor-in-chief): $0


Jen Hussein (beauty editor): I feel like you could DIY this?[Editor’s Note: $1]


Heartleigh Little (editorial director): No. 


Beatrice Hazlehurst (deputy news editor): $15 to hang it on my wall to hopefully accrue ironic clout. 


Total: $36


Seems reasonable. 

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