3 Existential Questions We Have About Justin Bieber’s Clothing Line

Justin Bieber is starting a clothing line! For a celebrity to launch a clothing line is so commonplace that, to be honest, most of the time it barely registers on the scale of excitement. But there are some stars whose personas are just the right blend of charismatic, maybe a little bizarre, that we would kill to see them design (for pure entertainment purposes). Justin Bieber, for all of his physics-defying burrito-eating and crying-in-the-Harry-Potter-bar antics, is just the person we want to see dive into the world of fashion. 


Not much is yet known about Drew House, the name of the new brand derived from Bieber’s middle name, but over the last few weeks, Bieber has been spotted in black and yellow hoodies and a yellow T-shirt all with the word “Drew” on the chest. It looks like a stoner skatewear label, and I think I’m into it? As Elle pointed out, drewhouse.com currently belongs to a quaint bed-and-breakfast in Ontario, so who knows what domain we’ll be visiting to cop its pieces. So as we sit here wondering what Drew House’s URL will do, here’s three other things we’re also thinking about: 3 Existential Questions We Have About Justin Bieber's Clothing Line 1

Photo: Hollywood To You/Star Max/Getty Images.

1. More scumbro, please! Say what you will, but I happen to be into the scumbro aesthetic in a big way. Bieber and Pete Davidson happen to be the two reigning kings of scumbro, which recklessly combines luxury streetwear labels with a low-key (or high-key) trashy vibe. In other words, it’s your skater high school crush. It is my fervent hope that Drew House brings us more scumbro in the form of tie-dye and smiley faces. 


2. An unlikely brand collab. One of my favorite fashion tropes is ‘streetwear brand collaborates with an unlikely giant company’ (see: Japanese designer Nigo partnering with KFC). Not that Justin Bieber needs the financial backing of a huge conglomerate, but how great would it be to see the headline “Justin Bieber x IHOP Release Spring 2019 Capsule Collection.” Talk about peak-internet moment! 


3. Hailey Baldwin/Bieber has got to be involved. Perhaps this is too saccharine, too OBVIOUS, but I feel like Hailey has to be in on this somehow. Whether it’s modeling for Drew House or even designing for the line herself—there has been speculation Hailey might launch her own brand—it feels only right that the 21-year-old model is involved. Because what is young love if not the chance to (maybe) mistakenly think that love can handle anything—even the burdens of building a fledgling fashion line.

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