Atomic Blonde Eyebrows Could Be In Your Future

Could the reign of the thick, bushy “Instabrow” be reaching its inevitable end? It seems so, my friends: From A-lister to influencer, transparent-blonde eyebrows are now the next trend to plague our furrows.


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Kristen Stewart recently debuted her latest style experiment at the Chanel Metiers d’Art runway show in Seoul, but this time it wasn’t through heel-ditching acts of fashion rebellion. No, no, this time, she’s making a statement with her face—or more precisely, with her bleached eyebrows. Stewart’s barely-there brows were heightened in transparency with neon green shadows and mistmatched nail colors (cc: Harry Styles, Kendall Jenner, etc.), giving her unusually tame Chanel ‘fit a club kid aesthetic.


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Stewart isn’t the only one to teeter with the idea of see-through brows: Katy Perry showed off a pair of bleach blonde eyebrows on the cover of PAPER magazine, Kendall Jenner (unwillingly) drastically lightened hers for the Marc Jacobs runway in 2014, and who could ever forget that time Miley Cyrus rocked the look for her W magazine cover?


As celebrity’s past has taught us, there is nothing more intimidatingly fun than ice-blonde eyebrows. So, run forth and create the transparent brows of your dreams—but fair warning: at-home bleach at your own risk.

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