Lana Del Rey Is Selling Hand-Bound Poetry Books For $1

Lana Del Rey is that cool, sweet girl in your college lit class, and she has the poetry chapbook to prove it. After first announcing the collection in January, Del Rey finally shared more information on Wednesday, revealing a few preview stanzas on Instagram.


It was while debuting her single “hope is a dangerous thing for a woman like me to have—but I have it” that Del Rey teased her poetry collection, saying in a now-deleted post, “Also as of last week I finished a short book of poetry I’ve been writing over the last 13 months that I’ll be putting out later.”


Titled Violet Bent Backwards Over the Grass, Del Rey will be binding the book herself and personally delivering the copies to any “any mom-and-pop SoCal/San Fran book stores that are interested.” (BRB, opening a bookstore in California!) And lest you worry that it will be a Taschen price range—the singer responded to a fan asking about cost on Instagram with “$1…because my thoughts are priceless.” Our queen!


It will likely be very limited-edition, so get ready to send someone on your behalf to the West Coast, because the teasers have left us absolutely wanting more. “Jasmine in the air / the burden of fame is real / never felt so clear” reads one, while another Golden State dark romance stanza reads, “You in the soft light / the 405 from Venice / a river of red”.


The idea of Lana Del Rey pulling up to a quaint coastal-town bookstore on a sunny day with her hand-bound books in hand? I’m about to write some poetry myself.

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