The Next Naomi Campbell Outfits That Might Inspire Kim And Kylie

It’s been two days of fallout since the spiciest burn of our generation: Naomi’s subtle call-out of Kylie Jenner, and by default, Kim Kardashian for ripping off her looks.


Just days after Kim donned a series of Versace looks first seen on Naomi, Kylie Jenner opted to wear a Michael NGO choker-and-sunglasses set that were direct rip-offs of Rifat Ozbek—first debuted by Naomi Campbell on the runway in 1995.  Naomi responded by posting a photo to Instagram of her in the original accessories, sending a clear message that she’s always, always watching. 


And while that may be, it’s unlikely to discourage the Karjenner sisters from appropriating more of the supermodels archive outfits. But what’s next? A little Azzedine Alaïa? Another Versace? Time will tell, but in the meantime, we have some ideas to inspire the family’s army of stylists for Kim’s next Haribo gummy bears run.




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The Next Naomi Campbell Outfits That Might Inspire Kim and Kylie 1

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There simply aren’t enough adjectives to appropriately describe the mythology of Naomi Campbell’s partnership with Chanel. Here, she embodies the preppy-chic flirtation for which Chanel is famous, strutting in the type of body-baring pieces the KarJenner’s gravitate towards. The luxury designer’s mandate in the 1990s was all very Stepford-wife-meet-the-mistress, revolutionizing tweed sets to see them become the backbone of the brand. If you listen closely, you can hear Kylie calling to collect.


Thierry Mugler

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Considering Kim’s newfound relationship with archival Thierry Mugler, it’s a matter of time before we see delving into the French designer’s power suits of the late ’80s. Imagine this look sans headscarf and with a little lower neckline, and you’ve got her next red carpet look.



The Next Naomi Campbell Outfits That Might Inspire Kim and Kylie 3

Ahh, Alaïa. Naomi and the late designer had a relationship like no other (she called him “Papa”), and we know that Kim shares an appreciation for him. We can definitely imagine this 1990 strapless minidress on Kylie, who has definitely exhibited a proclivity for body-contouring styles.




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The Next Naomi Campbell Outfits That Might Inspire Kim and Kylie 2

No one knew how to better cater to the curves of a women’s body than Gianni Versace—likely why Kim Kardashian has often collaborated with the designer’s eponymous brand, and appeared in the outfits walked down the runway by Naomi Campbell. It’s a matter of time before we see the reality star in Versace’s iconic safety pin gowns, and you can bet the minute she dons this little mesh bandage number from 1993, Fashion Nova will be out the gate with a replica.

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