Sneaker Styling Done Right

The dad sneaker, aka the orthopedic conundrum… aka how did we get here…  In the words of our British counterparts, “It’s a bit of a marmite trend.” We lived through the Gotti craze of the 1980s, so I guess clunky sneakers won’t kill us either. To be fair, if you stare at them long enough, they somehow work their charm on you. How? We’ll never know, but for right now we’re obsessed, and you should be too.

We can thank the likes of Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Balenciaga, and the hypebeast community for the inclusion of sneaker styling’s recent gravitational pull. We can also take a moment to thank the sensible aspect of an end to parading around in 6-inch stilettos as a balancing act as well. Ladies, we’ve all been caught up in the theatrical show of ankle-breaking like a newborn gazelle, so we knew it would eventually catch up to us, and not a moment too soon.

Sneaker Styling Done Right

Although the chunky sneaker trend is a funky one, we can appreciate its quirkiness and the power play of trying to style these bad boys in a way that enhances an outfit rather than making it look like you have two boats on your feet. Honestly, there are endless styling hacks in trying to master the sneaker trend. Rather than complicating things, keep it simple while adding your own flair.

Pair you dad sneaker with light-wash bootcut jeans, as a wider silhouette will only take away from the sneaker. Pair a graphic t-shirt under a and textured jacket of your choosing. Complete your look with a miniature messenger bag and a statement pair of tiny 90s sunglasses to up the ante.


Le Skinny Cat-eye Acetate Sunglasses - Black



Solidarite Feminine Printed Cotton-jersey T-shirt - White



Small Dior Lady Dior Bag (Previously Owned)



Cropped High-rise Straight-leg Jeans - Indigo



Rhyton Gucci logo leather sneaker



Raw Hem Corduroy Jacket, Size Large - Orange


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