Bella Thorne Has 19 Cats – and She Built a Castle for Them

Bella Thorne, Instagram provocateur and actress, was profiled today in the Los Angeles Times. We learned that Thorne, 21 years old, has 19 cats living in her psychedelic, rainbow-hued Los Angeles home.


In the new profile by Amy Kaufman, the Disney Channel star turned big-screen actress talks about her issues with cystic acne, the inspirational notes she has hanging from her ceilings, and gives a candid account of the sexual abuse she experienced as a child.


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The profile of Thorne, a true wild child, is beautifully written and portrays the trauma the actress has experienced – and how it has made her who she is today. It also looks at the life she’s built for herself that’s all her own, with a giant dinosaur sculpture, a “hippy hop” boyfriend named Mod Sun, and, of course, 19 cats.


And let’s not forget the 19 cats. “She didn’t want her first cat, Lola, to be spayed because she thought it was barbaric, and now there are four generations of cats living here: Nuzzling against your knee, crawling up the screen windows, tearing down metallic streamers,” Kaufman writes.


Read the full profile here.


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