Where To Wear A Cut-Out Butt Dress

It seems that elevated thot-wear is in large supply lately, and there is no limit as to how much an outfit might showcase.


We’ve seen everything from denim panties to hip-less and crotch-less trousers, but now we’ve reached a new high—or low. Kylie Jenner-approved New Zealand brand Prix Workshop has showed off their wares on Kiwi influencer and Yeezy model Zara McKenzie, who’s been spotted wearing a cut-out dress that leaves a little to the imagination.


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A casual look.

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As evident, the stretch dress features a cut-out that starts at the ribs and ends at the bottom of the hips, revealing the lower back and one butt cheek. Considering the race of Instagram-centric brands to reveal the most in the most creative way possible, its an unsurprising update to many of the body-contouring options already on the market.


But where do you wear such a piece? We have a few ideas:


  1. The debut EP launch party of a mediocre Soundcloud rapper
  2. To object at your ex’s wedding
  3. Any music video that features French Montana
  4. Your job interview at Fashion Nova
  5. Next time you’re buying followers
  6. First coffee date with sugar daddy
  7. A tattoo parlor (left-side placement only, obviously)
  8. Brunch in Miami
  9. The apocalypse
  10. In your casket

Good luck!

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