Mexico City Fashion Week: What We Loved

There was a lot of the bold and the beautiful going on at Mexico City Fashion Week. For bold and beautiful sartorial starters, the non-traditional runways included the steps of the heavily Instagrammed Ángel de la Independencia, and Seminario 12, a seriously breathtaking 17th century home located in Centro Histórico.


Mercedes-Benz Mexico City Fashion Week just wrapped, and it was as delicious and dizzying-inducing as the many Mezcal (well, to me, Mess-Cal) cocktails I feverishly consumed. MBFWMx was also as adventurous as my palate — I tried a few tacos sprinkled with crickets and the delicacy that is Mexican caviar (AKA ant eggs). I did it for the ‘Gram. (Yummy and Instagram-friendly restaurant tips: Balcón del Zócalo, Piedra Sal, Blanco Colima, Dulce Patria, and basically any taco stand. #NotAnAd.)

But we’re mostly here to tell you about the also beautiful Fall/Winter 2018 collections, which embodied Mexico City pride and its kinetic energy. From strong streetwear to Red Carpet-ready evening gowns, many with distinctive local vibes and pizazz, it was all happening. Here are our highlights. De nada!

Alfredo MartinezMexico City Fashion Week

MBFWMx kicked off with a sublime opening from Alfredo Martinez, whose runway of choice was the steps of the towering gilded beauty that is the Ángel de la Independencia. Let’s start with those funky/fab blonde hair… hats?! Perhaps they are a reference to the plumed hats you might see in a royal military.

I’m no history buff, but that’s what Wikipedia is for, which informs that the monument was erected in 1910 to commemorate the centennial of Mexico’s War of Independence. The collection did give major independent, warrior princess vibes. An army of models strutted down the sunkissed stairs at 10 AM in sleek, strong tailored looks balanced with flowing lengths of fabricit was all about those gorgeous goddess gowns.

Many looks had solid shoulders for strength. Silk crepe de chine gowns got their edgy on with wide belts giving authoritarian vibes. There were cutouts, a one-shoulder moment, a thigh-baring slit, and so fantastic on. Martinez worked with an energizing yet sophisticated color palette of saffron yellows, carmine reds, and earthy emerald greens and browns. Oh, and velvet was the star of the sensational show. The show really had the Katniss-Everdeen-Goes-To-The-Met thing going on. A sartorial-slaying call to arms! In other words, somebody should get Queen “Run The World (Girls)” Bey on the phone right now.

Julia Y RenataMexico City Fashion Week

The Row and Rick Owens and/or Commes Des Garçons walked into the Boom Boom Room bar… and nine months later, they had Julia Y Renata. ‘Twas a sunny morning, but a shadowy showing from Julia Y Renata, who presented the dream-within-a-dreamy collection at the Fuente de Cibeles (Fountain of Cibeles), another one of Mexico City’s most memorable monuments. The show was absolutely memorable—which is why we’re writing about it.

Models walked in an intentionally daze-y manner, wearing luxuriously oversized and roomy shapes replete with abstract draping in muted neutrals. And often paired with running shoes. Never let that trend die, por favor.

The collection was somehow both minimal and maximal. Very Jedi-who-moonlights-as-a-Below-14th-Street-fashion-darling. Florence Welch would #need everything. A standout lookand there were manywas a pistachio green midi dress that extended into a cape at the back. Even with the cape and its single kimono sleeve, it seemed easy and effortless. Humbly majestic. Just how we like it.

Sandra WeilMexico City Fashion Week

Sandra Weil’s presentation, which was held at Seminario 12, felt like a cut dream sequence in Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo + Juliet, or maybe the Tilda Swinton-starring I Am Love. It also felt like a Renoir painting. It felt Girl With A Pearl Earring Vermeer-y. In short, it made us feel things.

Models got their acting on in animated vignettes from individual ivy-covered balconiesa lovelorn-y model picked petals and string telephones connected a duo (a metaphor, probably). Others glamorously lounged on probably very expensive rugs while a piano played classical tunes. (And, when not Instragramming, the attendees were at the Mezcal bar.) It was romantic and thrilling, sophisticated and elegant, just like the eveningwear. A slew of unmissable beautiful gowns and dresses in painterly prints were on display. Other highlights included a sequined bustier worn with embroidered tulle robe and pleated palazzo pants.

Kris GoyriMexico City Fashion Week

Kris Goyri is perpetually touted as one of Mexico’s greatest fashion talents. And, surprise, he proved it again with his Fall/Winter 2018 collection, recalling the elegance of Lanvin, but with modern sexiness. The numbers were silhouette driven and featured lots of architectural cuts. The daring bell sleeves on gowns? Unmissable. There were many a standout look, but the fiercest of them all was a marigold billowy albeit bold gown replete with cutouts, a halter and an immaculate leg slit. For us, it recalled Queen Bey’s twirly Roberto Cavalli marigold pleated number from the masterpiece that is “Lemonade,” though Goyri forgot the baseball bat. There’s always next year.

Benito SantosMexico City Fashion Week

Locals always look forward to/try to crash the Benito Santos show. And when we say show, we mean SHOW, honey. The energy felt as if we were at a The Blonds show. Only the flamboyant can pull of a Santos look, but anyone can and should enjoy a sensational, OTP show. We sure as shit did. Every look boasted bold colors and texturesa cobalt blue chiffon skirt, and, if you are cool with fur, crazy, sex, cool fur coats. The show had major whimsical, fairy-tale-like vibes.

A Disney girlishness mixed with womanly sexiness. Loved the sassy combo of a floral embroidered top paired with cherry red organza bell sleeves paired with match ruffled red organza flared skirt. OMG! A bit Red Riding Hood. Also loved the embroidered bodysuit with cascades of organza. Santos took sweetness (bows, ruffles, flowers, oh my!) and added some spice with sexy thigh-high boots, bodysuits, and sheerness. Those stiletto boots are made for stomping, and with tied sashes at the back for extra flourish while doing so. Walk, walk, fashion baby.

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