College Scammers, Meet Binder Bags

For those whose parents posted hundreds of thousands worth of bail, after investing hundreds of thousands into bribing admissions offices so their children could go to college on top of the hundreds of thousands it costs to actually attend an institute of higher learning, money may be a little tight. Enter: binder bags, the brand new style inspired by a clip that likely goes for 12 cents a pop.


It started off as joke. One Twitter user posted a photo of two small office clips, captioning the image “Love my new Jacquemus bags” to poke fun at the French designers new line of very, very tiny ‘‘Le Saq Chiquito’ purses. After another suggested a designer should make a bag based on a binder clip, a flood of fashionistas began expressing their approval. Model Salem Mitchell suggested the brains behind the post “call a lawyer and a manufacturer,” well others lamented that the pair were giving away great ideas “for free.”


It didn’t take long for someone to pull up an image from the king of utilitarian style, Virgil Abloh, who had referenced binder clips on a range of bags for Off-White. Unfortunately, the design did not go over well.




This is clearly the product of the renting generation for whom education is unaffordable and children, a luxury. For millennials on a budget for whom normcore is simply the only way, and we’ll likely find a lot more everyday items inspiring new trends (cc: shoelace belts).


And hey, since Olivia Jade has a lot more time on her hands after losing her Sephora partnership, this might prove a worthy investment.

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